About Us

About HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co.


HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co. is a privately-owned company established in Istanbul, Turkey. We started in 2006 and have already opened our branch office in Baku Azerbaijan, Nizhny Novgorod Russia and Poti Georgia. We are recognized throughout world markets as a trusted company in heavy industrial construction solutions. We employ high-qualified specialists, invest heavily in their training and education and we ensure the highest standards of health, safety and environment and governance is applied throughout our organization. 




HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co. aspires to be the most successful multidisciplinary industrial works contractor in every sector and geographical area.




Care for People

In HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co., people are paramount so we prioritize the well-being and safety of all our employees. We seek input and ideas from everyone and give each other the respect that is expected from each other, with the understanding that we all have a significant role to play in the company’s development. 




    We work collaboratively toward common goals.




In HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co., we work in an environment of total trust where, through straight talking, clear feedback and constant reality checking: We ensure that our goals and activities are based on our ability to deliver what we promise.





In HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co., we set ourselves the highest professional standards, achieving them though rigorous, disciplined and efficient practices in all our business and work processes.




In HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co., we have a commitment to being the best at everything we do. We are passionate in our belief that through excellent performance we can guarantee outstanding results for both our clients and the company.



In HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co., we constantly strive to identify and adopt innovative ideas. We work hard to ensure that we remain flexible and adaptable within a changing environment and foster high performance teams to ensure our company’s long-term success.


Health and Safety

HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co. prides itself on a stringent adherence to, and application of, its health and safety policies to ensure a work place with a safety culture displaying compliance, leadership, with incident & injury free as a core value.  Responsibility for meeting the targets and implementing the Environmental Management System has been assumed by senior management, while information distribution and training are other components of HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co.’s environmental policy and procedures.

Ensuring Health, Safety and the Environment have a high priority in all our activities
Implementing and maintaining a Health and Safety Management System that complies with relevant industry regulations
Implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management system
Complying with applicable legislation, together with relevant international standards, codes of practice and client requirements in respect of occupational health, safety and the environment
Supporting our employees by providing training and development of HSE knowledge and skills
Promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle among our employees
Organizing team building activities for better cooperation among our employees
Reporting accidents, incidents and near misses and investigating fully to identify lessons learned and prevent similar events from occurring
Getting our team certified by worldwide known organizations for all trades